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Its not one size fits all for coils....

Hormonal coils have over the years become more popular as a form of contraception.

But are women aware of the different types of hormonal coils?.

In 1 clinic, I fitted 4 different coils. The Mirena coil is probably the most well known. It can be used for HRT, managing heavy periods and contraception. Its direct rival, Levosert is identical in product, however is cheaper to manufacture and has a wider insertion tube.

But some women are very sensitive to the progestogen dose in the Mirena or the Levosert.

If this is the case, I often discuss with women the other available hormonal coils.

Firstly, the Kyleena. This 5 year device can only be used for contraception but has a lower dose (approximately half) of progestogen. Women are more likely to maintain their periods.

Secondly, the Jaydess. This 3 year device with an even lower dose of progestogen can also only be used for contraception. Women who are keen on a short pregnancy gap and low dose progestogen often choose this option.

It is really important for women to have an informed discussion with their health care professional regarding all the different types of contraception.

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